Finances are a big deal for broke college students. Between tuition, entertainment and food, getting a job is almost necessary. But fear not; the transition between semesters means that many students are leaving their old jobs to go back home. This stirring of the employment pot means that there are many new job opportunities for students to take advantage of.

Here are five potential on-campus jobs to look into next semester:

1. Teacher’s Assistant

Being a teacher’s assistant can be a great job for the busy student, as most teacher’s assistants are expected to work only between five and 10 hours a week. The responsibilities that come with working as a TA vary from teacher to teacher but usually involve entering grades and acting as a tutor for students in the class. It’s a great way to make a bit of extra money throughout the semester.

2. Mac Lab Assistant

If you are a tech-savvy student with a knack for computers, why not try your hand as a Mac Lab assistant? This job requires applicants to have a solid understanding of computer software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and Microsoft Office, as well as coding languages such as HTML and CSS. If you can do that, then this is a great way to put those skills to good use helping students.

3. Admissions Counselor

If you have a knack for delivering information to curious listeners, look no further than working for the admissions office. This job has many responsibilities, such as answering students’ questions on admissions issues and providing campus tours. As a tour guide, you would walk prospective students around the BYU-Idaho campus and answer questions that they might have. If you are a good communicator, this job would be a great fit.

4. Food Service

Many students have probably worked in food service during their time in high school. Take the skills you learned then and use them to make some money now by working in the Crossroads Food Court.


5. Student Financial Aid Counselor

You might also want to look into working for the Financial Aid Office as a student counselor. This job has students helping other students navigate the complicated world of financial aid by answering phone calls, filing paperwork and entering data. All valuable skills to have no matter what career you plan on going into. If you have good communication skills, be sure to check this one out.

The jobs available on campus are finite and ever-changing. In order to learn more about what jobs are hiring, check out the BYU-I job board at From there you can get information on what jobs are available and what you need to do to apply.