The mas chaos in every department store makes it easy to get carried away in the holiday hustle. Here are five ways you can simplify your Black Friday shopping and kick off the holiday season.

Have a budget

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend about $967.13 during the holiday season.

How many planned to spend that much? 

USA Today suggests not only making a specific list for every person on the gift list, but also a sum total that is available to spend.

Focus on what you’re spending, not saving

Don’t be fooled by the red ‘sale’ sign. According to Business Insider, the advertised ‘sale’ sign entices customers to spend more because it is a lower price than what it was before.

However, the sale encourages people to make impulse buys, without reasoning if it’s something they need to purchase.

Have a game-plan

Know which stores have what you want, and where you are going to go. Pick a location that has multiple stores close by to economize travel time.

Do your homework

Stores will advertise the details of their sales before Black Friday. This is primarily to entice shoppers to make the trip to their store rather than any other.

Shoppers can use this information to make a list and confirm what purchases they need to make at each store. This will quicken the process and avoid the moment decision making and out of stock products.

Online or in store?

According to Fortune, over 100 million Americans shopped online during the Black Friday season. Consider which has the better deal, online or in stores. Some items may not be stocked in a local store. Or larger purchases such as appliances could be shipped right to your house.