Broderick Dover, a freshman studying business, and a couple of his classmates will be holding a flapjack sale and delivery on Saturday, Feb. 24. All proceeds will go to the families affected by the recent Florida school shooting.

Dover said in one of his business classes they were challenged to “sell anything.”

He and his group decided what would be best to sell.

“I am personally a foodie, and immediately started thinking of affordable, easy to make foods that could raise profits for these families,” Dover said.

He and those in his groups decided the funds would be best used to help the families affected by the Florida shootings.

Seventeen faculty and students were killed in the Parkland Florida shooting, according to CNN. A gofundme page has been created for the Florida families and Dover said they will pass the proceedings onto those families through that page.

Anyone can order flapjacks from Dover and his classmates by going to their website. The flapjacks will then be delivered to the buyers on Saturday morning by Dover and his classmates.