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Football players jumped at the chance to get in shape at the competitive football camp held the first week of school. Players did a variety of drills  in order to help them get ready for the tryouts held the following week.

Michal Horning a junior studying Organizational psycology said ”This is just the camp yeah, to condition and to practice and to get better.”

Friends Chance Pebley and Wesley Jenks commented on the week. “It wasn’t very tough like they were just running around doing a bunch of specialty work just working on your position so there wasn’t a whole lot of running, just playing around. “ said Pebly

“Practicing some routes getting used to the quarterbacks, receivers. “ Junks added

Now many different players with different skill levels have come to try out

“And Ive been doing this for a long time, just kidding. I did it before my mission in 2008 for just one semester. So yeah I’ve just played football once. Y, tackle football anyways.” Horning commented

“Not long enough. I played for 4 years in high school and we just played flag here. Yeah its been about five years.” Jenks said

Players are not required to participate in the camp. As the tryouts are being held this week, and the final draft will be held on the 27th.

“So on Monday we have a meeting and then Wednesday, Thursday is the tryouts,” said Horning

What position are you hoping to get?

“Running back, that’s what Im hoping to go for”

Pebley commented saying “Where ever”

“Where ever they’ll take me.  Probably receiver, DB” said Jenks

“Like line backer, running back” laughed Pebley

Now the first game of the season will take place in October. From the Stadium this is Emily Sloan, Scroll Digital.

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