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Robert Bird, a professor in the English department, desires to encourage students attending Tuesday’s devotional to recognize the importance of truth and to search it out as they pursue their academic careers here at BYU-Idaho.

“I’ve always been curious in what the truth is,” Bird said. “That is one of the reasons I became a professor. This position allows me to search out truth every day.”

Bird went on to say that, in a world filled with so many opinions and voices claiming to know what truth is, it is important to find out what is true for ourselves and to embrace it.

“One of the themes of my talk is don’t accept what other people tell you, but use your own effort to find out truth for yourself,”  Bird said.

At BYU-I, students are exposed to new knowledge as they learn and grow within their chosen fields. Their experiences and findings will help them to go on to shape their future and the future of others. This is why truth is so important.

“Try to find out what the truth is, and then try to teach that truth to others while advancing that truth,” Bird said. “We need to avoid the temptation to be intellectually arrogant and instead realize how much more we have to learn.”

As a result of his talk, Bird hopes students will become more active in the learning process here at BYU-I.

“Embrace your classes and particularly the methods you are learning to discover truth,” Bird said. “Apply these methods, and by doing so you will make a great contribution to society.”

Truth has been an essential part of Bird’s life as he continues on his journey to know more. To live what he believes, Bird has sought out the origins of truth by traveling to many different places, in and out of the country, researching primary texts and learning –– to a limited degree –– languages to discover where everything began.

Bird has been faculty director of the English study abroad programs in England and Ireland and has also been a director of the American travel study program in the eastern United States. He teaches American romanticism, literary theory, advanced writing and introductory philosophy courses.

His goal is to inspire students to find truth in what they read and apply it to their lives.

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