Four free services to know when things go wrong on campus

Campus Security officer removes keys that are locked in car.

In 2018,‘s list of Safest College Campuses in the U.S. ranked BYU-Idaho 148 out of 1,346 schools.

The BYU-Idaho Public Safety office can help students in many ways, and they are open 24/7. Here are four free services listed on the Public Safety website:

Cables used to jumpstart a car.

1. Jump-starts

A pair of jumper cables walks into the bar.

The bartender says, “I’ll serve you, but don’t start anything!”

Car battery dead? It happens to the best of us. Give the Public Safety office a ring and an officer will run over as soon as possible to jump-start any car on university-owned property.

Campus Security officer removes keys locked in a car.

2. Lockouts

Knock knock // Who’s there? // Mikey. // Mikey, who? // My key got locked in the car, let me in!

Sometimes in the rush of student life, keys get locked in cars. Never fear — with just a phone call, a safety officer with the tools to get keys out of any car will come to the rescue anywhere on university-owned property.

Student walks home by herself.

3. Safety Escort

Two blondes are sitting in a room when the lights go out. The first blonde says, “It sure is dark in here, isn’t it?” The second blonde says, “I don’t know. I can’t see!”

If you feel uncomfortable or nervous walking across campus at night, there’s no need to walk alone. After dark, uniformed officers will escort students to anywhere within one block of campus.

Keys in a locked door.

4. Let-ins

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs stuck on the front porch? // Matt.

If a building that is scheduled to be open is locked, a security officer can unlock it for you. For on-campus housing, the Public Safety office informs that officers can also help if you get locked out of your apartment building.

You can reach the Public Safety office anytime at (208) 496-3000.

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