The purpose of a mission statement is to define what an organization is, why it exists and the reason why it is even a thing. It serves as the “north star” that keeps everyone clear on the direction of the company. Most companies and organizations have one.

WalMart Inc.’s mission statement is “to save people money so they can live better.”

BYU-Idaho’s mission statement is “Brigham Young University-Idaho was founded and is supported and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its mission is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, the Church, and their communities.”

And the mission statement of The Blind Baker in Rexburg is to “find light in the darkness.”

The Blind Baker, which started in November 2018, is the only specialty cinnamon roll shop in town, which is run by Leslie Alexander. Alexander was left with only three percent of her eyesight due to a car accident in 2002.

“My reaction when the doctors told me I was blind was: this isn’t funny, this isn’t funny at all. I think the denial part really kicked in.” Alexander said.

The car crash hasn’t stopped Alexander from working. Alexander uses special equipment like raised buttons, a label-reading machine and a scale that reads weights to help her make cinnamon rolls and operate her bakery.

To help her deliver the cinnamon rolls, Steve Alexander, her husband or “doughboy,” brings boxes to the doorsteps of each customer. Steve was the main delivery method until melanoma cancer was discovered in his eye. But Steve is still able to deliver cinnamon rolls for his wife with the help of his friends and neighbors until his eye recovers.

Because of all the help they get and to help others affected by blindness, a portion of all of the profits The Blind Baker makes go to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an organization that is dedicated to rehabilitating the blind.

The Blind Baker isn’t just for the money; Leslie hopes that her business can inspire others.

‘Cause many times it’s easy, because of the society we live in, to have other people serve you and do everything for you. There’s nothing better than feeling (the) success of being able to accomplish something that you haven’t been able to.”

Leslie finds her “light in the darkness” through the gospel.

“In the absence of physical light to a blind person, The Lord has given us tools. He’s given us the gospel. He’s given us the opportunity to pray and (receive) personal revelation that brings an inner light that… becomes far greater than the absence of physical light.” Leslie said.

Leslie loves making her great-great grandmother’s cinnamon rolls, which make her mottos, “make food that tastes good and feels good” and “spread joy from my home to yours,” into a reality.

Those interested in learning more about Leslie and The Blind Baker can visit her website or visit her social media at the_blind_baker on Instagram and The Blind Baker on Facebook.