Sneakezy is a streetwear and sneaker store located at 2105 Niagara St, Idaho Falls.

Sneakezy storefront

Sneakezy storefront Photo credit: Chester Chan

Sneakezy was launched by former BYU-Idaho students Ryan and Garrett Myers. Before their venture as business owners, Ryan Myers was studying information systems at BYU prior to transferring to BYU-I.

Ryan Myers, co-owner of Sneakezy

Ryan Myers, co-owner of Sneakezy Photo credit: Chester Chan

Ryan Myers started the sneaker store with his brother to better serve the community. Sneakezy is the first and currently the only specialty sneaker store in Idaho Falls.

“We were able to give away warm-up jerseys to the Hillcrest basketball team and give away shoes to families in need,” Ryan Myers said. “We kept it mostly under the wraps, because we just want to help out the community without the publicity of it.”

Ryan Myers recalls his experience with both BYU and BYU-I, sharing that college education is important but learning is not exclusively limited to a classroom.

Sneakeazy wall of Jordans

Sneakeazy wall of Jordans Photo credit: Chester Chan

“I’ve always been somebody that’s a huge advocate of education,” Ryan Myers said. “You should always be learning. I felt like by going out and just doing things by actually starting businesses, and by doing those things, I learned 10 times more than I ever learned in any classroom setting.”

Skate decks featured at Sneakezy

Skate decks featured at Sneakezy Photo credit: Chester Chan

Ryan Myers encourages his peers to go after their dreams and not discredit the importance of education.

“School may not be for everyone,” Ryan Myers said. “Take control of your own education.”

While this is not an invitation to leave school, Ryan Myer’s passion for sneakers has paid off in a big way. His successful sneaker shop is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. While traditional paths may not be for everyone, Ryan Myer’s entrepreneur story serves as inspiration for those who dare to take a chance and make their dreams a reality.

With a clear vision, a strong work ethic and a bit of creativity, anyone can achieve success.