The following is from this week’s Rexburg Police Department Logs and are public record.


“Police received an online report regarding questions involving a wedding photographer, the business and who the rights and ownership of the images belong to. The individual was advised it was a civil matter and would be best to speak with an attorney regarding the matter.”

Peeping Tom

“Police were dispatched to a local apartment complex in reference to a suspicious incident. Police were informed by the complex manager that an unknown male has been looking through various windows at night. This has been occurring at one building in particular were there are all female tenants.”

Mr. Clean

“Police responded to the area of Randy Drive for a report of a suspicious male going door to door selling cleaning supplies. Police arrived in the area and were unable to locate the suspicious male.”

Dog bite in the park

“This was an event where police received a report of an adult female that had been bitten by a dog while in a city park. The injury was minor but required medical treatment. The owner of the dog is currently unknown.”

Saving Ferris

“Police received an anonymous tip in reference to a vandalism report that occurred in the area of South Second East. Police were given the names of two males and an apartment number where they lived and told that the caller had overheard them talking about the vandalism. Police made contact with several males at the apartment. After some investigation police determined that one of the males was responsible for the vandalism. The male was interviewed and then cited for trespassing and malicious injury to property.”

Teens gone wild

“This was an event where police received a 911 call that a vehicle was being chased by another vehicle and that the driver of the other vehicle had threatened them with a baseball bat. Police located the suspect vehicle and stopped both vehicles in the city. During the investigation it was determined that the event happened in Salem and Sugar City. MCSO deputies responded. Police turned over the information we had received, the victim and suspect over to the deputies for their investigation. All parties involved were juveniles and the report will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for charges. See the MCSO report for all of the suspects and information.”

Smoke in the Kirkham Building

“This was an event where police and fire were dispatched to a fire alarm on the second floor of the Kirkham Building on the BYU-I campus. Units arrived and determined that the alarm had been set off by a small amount of smoke from a heater. There was no fire and no damage.”

No means no

“Police were asked to take an informational report of battery. The female reported that her husband was touching her while she was sleeping. The female did not want charges filed, but requested that a report be on file that she had talked to him and told him to stop. Police took report of the incident and then cleared from the call.”

My mom doesn’t like my boots

“This was an event where police returned a phone call to a mother whose daughter had been booted. The daughter has a parking permit but the permit was not displayed. The daughter was in the process of getting the permit from her apartment when she was booted. The booting company refused to remove the boot. The mother indicated that this was the second time her daughter had been booted. The mother had already spoken with the manager and could not work out a resolution to the issue. Police informed the mother that this was a civil issue and police have no authority to intervene in civil matters. Police gave the mother a couple of options to pursue.”

An unusual movie snack

“Police were notified of a clear baggie located at a movie theater with unknown pills inside. Police identified the pills at Metformin, which is not a controlled substance. There was no surveillance footage available, and it was unknown who the pills belonged to. The pills were disposed of in the prescription disposal bin.”