Below are the Academic Full Semester Class Deadlines for the Winter 2019 semester:

Jan 4: Move-in Day

Jan 4-5: Get Connected

Jan 7: Classes begin

Jan 7: PAYMENT DEADLINES – Full Semester • Tuition, Fees and Health Plan

Jan 13: Last day to Add to a Full Semester & First Block Waiting List

Jan 14: Late charge of 5% on unpaid balance – Full Semester

Jan 14: REGISTRATION DEADLINE – Last day to register or add Full Semester classes

Jan 14: Last day to drop Individual Full Semester classes and get a tuition refund

Jan 14: STUDENT HEALTH PLAN DEADLINES – Full Semester • Enrollment of dependents for new students • Waiver of Health Plan for students

Jan 15: Last day to return books with receipt to University Store for full credit

Jan 21: Civil Rights Day – No Classes

Jan 29: Drop Deadline – Last day to drop Full Semester classes without receiving a “W” grade on the transcript

Jan 29: Last day to change from credit to audit for Full Semester classes


Feb 18: President’s Day – No Classes

Mar 4: Last day to withdraw completely from ALL Full Semester Classes and receive a pro-rated tuition refund

Mar 4: Withdrawal Deadline – Last day to withdraw from individual Full Semester classes and receive a “W” grade and not the grade earned

Mar 11: April 2019 graduation application deadline. Students must apply by this date for their name to be printed in the official program.

Mar 26: Discontinuance (withdraw completely) deadline for all Full Semester classes and receive “W” grades and not the grades earned

Mar 26: Deferment deadline for Winter Semester

Apr 11-12: Testing Days Apr 12 Graduation Commencement & Convocations

Apr 12: Winter Semester officially ends

Apr 17: Winter Semester grades due by 12:00 noon by the Faculty

Apr 18: Winter Semester grades available to students online at