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McKenna Chatterley, a senior studying communication, took her two passions of thrift shopping and taking photos and turned them into a way to make money while going to school full-time.

Chatterley goes to thrift stores in California, Idaho, Utah and Washington to pick out vintage finds for her Etsy page, HomeGrownClothesCo.

“I either completely refurbish the clothes I thrift, or I style them and model them to make them look nice,” Chatterley said. “I try to thrift clothes that are trendy at the moment.”

A year ago, Chatterley ran into the problem of having one too many articles of clothing in her closet and decided to sell her clothes via Instagram.

“When I started selling clothes on my Instagram, things really took off, and my clothes sold fast,” Chatterley said. “It made me super excited because I love being able to do something I’m really good at, and people respond well to it.”

Shortly after, Chatterley created her Etsy page to produce a shopping experience for her customers. Chatterley takes clothes that wouldn’t necessarily get the attention they deserve and takes pictures that show the potential they have.

There’s not a lot of shopping options here in Rexburg, so HomeGrownClothing is a fun way for girls to buy vintage clothing locally,” Chatterley said. “They can either buy it on my Etsy page or come pick it up in person.

Chatterley uses her clothing store and her photography business as a creative outlet while she is in school. When her clothing business is slower, she does wedding photography, usually during the spring and summer months. She plans to continue both businesses once she graduates.

“I love that I’m able to take my love for fashion and photography and create a community of girls that have a similar style to me,” Chatterley said. “Not only girls that attend BYU-I, but also girls across the country.”

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