Gas prices have been raised all across Idaho in the last few weeks.

Just last year, the average price per gallon was $2.55 per gallon; currently, it’s at $3.136, according to AAA.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis talked to Channel 6 News concerning the rise in prices.

“This is really because of some refinery issues that have developed in the region,” DeHaan said. “It was just a couple of weeks ago that Holly’s Refinery in Woods Cross, Utah, had a fire, and that really is limiting the amount of gasoline being produced. There is also a refinery in Great Falls, Montana, that is undergoing maintenance. And so both of those have really put some pressure on gasoline supply.”

HollyFrontier Corporation markets mainly to Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and eastern Washington.

The office of Attorney General recently released a report of current gas prices and on how the state distributes tax money in the month of April.

“With one limited gas resource, supply in southern Idaho cannot respond as rapidly when demand increases, at least as compared to areas with multiple refineries and pipelines,” the report said. “Northern Idaho is serviced by pipelines from Montana and Washington, and product (is) barged up the Columbia River.”

Six percent (of gas) goes to federal tax, 12 percent to state tax, 25 percent to refining retail cost and profit and 57 percent to crude oil,” the report said.

BYU-Idaho students shared their opinion about the rise on gas.

“I think it’s crazy how much we have to pay,” said Yvette Kearl, a freshman studying healthcare administration. “I would spend around $24 to fill up my tank, and now I have to pay around $30.”

Gas price for these two students have increased about 10 dollars or more.

“Sometimes I have sacrifice things for gas,” said Emma Inokuchi, a freshman studying business management. I would spend $30 before the price raised, now I spend about $45.”

Students will continue to pay more for gas until the cost is lowered later in the year.