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Gen Z: the most stressed out generation

A study prepared by the Gallup Foundation reported that Americans have some of the highest stress levels in the world. A study done by The American Psychological Association showed that “generation Z is the most stressed out generation due to violence, health factors and, political turmoil,” said Gallup.

College is a stress factor that is not on the American Psychological Association’s list. “College is very stressful in an alarming way,” said Cindy Liu in an interview with ABC News.

There are many factors that cause stress for college students such as class workload, especially for students who are right out of high school. Other factors include work, relationships and time management.

An article by Jennifer Acosta Scott describes a couple of ways to avoid and reduce stress

Stress comes in many forms and changes from year to year as students progress throughout college. College freshman mostly stress about whether they will fall behind or succeed. Since a lot of them come right out of high school, they often wonder if they can handle the college workload.

Stress levels of college students usually decrease as they progress and become more accustomed to the workload.

Some ways for college students to relieve stress include:

1. Sleeping for six to eight hours. Many students stay up late doing homework or going to social events.

3. Avoiding unnatural energy supplements is important. Some students, when stressed out, drink excessive amounts of caffeine. Using energy supplements or drinks will bring an eventual energy crash.

4. Having a positive outlet is necessary for relieving stress. Don’t give up on hobbies. Many people set aside their hobbies to make time for classes.

5. Make sure to eat plenty of food that is full of nutrients. Constantly eating junk food will fail to replenish the necessary vitamins a person needs to make natural energy.

6. Balancing a job while attending college can have great financial benefits, but it can add more stress. Balancing time between going to classes, doing homework, and working can make it difficult to perform. It adds more stress as people try to balance a busier schedule.

Overall, it is important to remember your limits and focus on being healthy and happy.


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