In Saturday evening’s priesthood session of general conference, Elder Gary E. Stevenson compared being good disciples of Christ with being dedicated athletes with a game plan. As part of his talk, Stevenson gave examples of current or former professional athletes who have trained hard to achieve what they have.

“With a game plan, a playbook, and a firm commitment to execute your role, you will find that temptation has less control over you,” Stevenson said.

Included in his talk, Stevenson included advice from several professional athletes who are members of Church. Here is a list of the athletes he referenced and what they had to say.

1. Jeremy Guthrie – Retired from Major League Baseball

“This life is the time to prepare to meet God. This is the game plan for me. I try to remember my purpose is to prepare to meet my Father in Heaven.”

2. Bryce Harper – Major League Baseball

“I thought fame, fortune, and an MVP would make me happy. Something was missing. So, I prepared and entered the temple. I am now on a path to return to my Heavenly Father and have an eternal family — which is the greatest joy in the world!”

3. Jabari Parker – National Basketball Association

“I couldn’t imagine the person that I would’ve turned out to be if I hadn’t made the decision to be baptized when I was younger. I’m so grateful that I have God in my life to guide me every day.”

4. Jimmer Fredette – National Basketball Association

“I have learned to lean heavily on my knowledge and faith of the truthfulness of the gospel. This has guided me to be a worthy priesthood holder and above all — a positive example.”

5. Ricardo Rojas – Retired footballer for Paraguayan National Team

“We are called to ‘be strong and of a good courage,'”

6. Taysom Hill – National Football League

“Believing in God’s plan and doing my best to fulfill my role in it has given me an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness in life, knowing God is pleased with my efforts.”

7. Daniel Sorensen – National Football League

“A good play book is a plan that uses the talents and strengths of each team member. As I study and practice the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I can know how to use my strengths to serve in the priesthood.”

8. William Hopoate – National Rugby League

[The gospel helps me] identify the opposition’s strategies and provides the spiritual efficacy to withstand fiery darts and better serve others.”