The importance of home-centered gospel teaching with church support was taught at the Sunday Afternoon Session of the 189th Annual General Conference of the Church.

President Dallin H. Oaks spoke of repentance, accountability and mortal judgments, resurrection and the final judgment and God’s mercy.

“In the Lord’s Church, mortal judgments for members or prospective members are administered by leaders who seek divine direction,” said President Oaks. “It is their responsibility to judge persons who are seeking to come unto Christ to receive the power of His Atonement on the covenant path to eternal life.”

Elder Juan Pablo Villar spoke of opportunities to strengthen spiritual muscles through developing and understanding spiritual gifts.

“Let’s accept the invitation of President Russell M. Nelson and intently come unto the Savior by identifying those muscles that need more spiritual activity and starting to exercise them,” said Elder Villar.

Elder Gerrit W. Gong spoke of Jesus Christ’s role in our lives as a shepherd.

Elder David A. Bednar spoke of the important need for home-centered and church-supported gospel learning.

Elder Kyle S. McKay told the spoke of God’s timing. Although different to our own, we can receive immediate goodness from God.

“No matter what, no matter where, in Christ and through Christ there is always hope smiling brightly before us. Immediately before us,” said Elder McKay.

Similar to Elder Bednar, Elder Ronald A. Rasband spoke of the necessity of home-centered gospel learning in the war against the adversary.

“Our homes are fortresses against the evils of the world. In our homes we come unto Christ by learning to follow His commandments, by studying the scriptures and praying together, and by helping one another stay on the covenant path,” said Elder Rasband. “The new emphasis on personal and family study in the home through the curriculum “Come, Follow Me” is designed to “deepen our conversion and help us become more like Jesus Christ.”

The closing remarks were given by President Russell M. Nelson, who spoke of the opportunity and blessing of temples, before announcing the construction of eight new temples.

“May we renovate our lives through our faith and trust in Him. May we access the power of His Atonement by our repentance each day,” said President Nelson. “May we dedicate and rededicate our lives to serving God and His children—on both sides of the veil.”