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A month ago, a Philip Cohen, a Maryland University professor, released a study showing that millennials are bucking the divorce trend. USA Today was quick to jump on the study, and multiple news reports followed.

Many articles claimed it was a positive influence millennials are having on the world, but others pointed to the fact that declining marriage rates are the reason for lower divorce rates.

Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University, told The Atlantic, “In order to get divorced, you have to get married first.”

Now, as interesting as this story is, my point is not to argue one way or the other, but rather to show the importance of research. It would be easy to read the USA Today article and move on thinking that millennials are doing some good in the world. However, this isn’t the full truth. What is the truth? Probably something in the middle.

We at Scroll believe in knowing all the facts before formulating an opinion on a topic. One cannot simply read one article and assume that everything in that article is 100 percent correct and anything contrary is probably wrong. However, that’s easy, and we’re all guilty of doing that at times. Instead, we should take the time to learn all sides of a situation before formulating our own opinions.

All of us grew up with different backgrounds; socially, politically, economically, and because of those backgrounds, we have varying opinions on varying topics. Some of us grew up in conservative homes that watched Fox News. Others grew up more liberal, who preferred MSNBC. Others grew up somewhere in the middle who didn’t care for either side.

However, we all left our homes eventually and came to BYU-Idaho, where we met people with very different opinions of the world. It’s easy to push those people aside and never hear what you don’t want to.

I personally listened to and became friends with many people who had differing opinions from my own. This really helped me shape a more rounded opinion of the world, while still maintaining my core beliefs.

I’m not saying we should all convert to the opposite of our beliefs, but rather take the time to look around and see a different viewpoint at times. I still consider myself conservative and on the right, but with a different view on the left and those who support it.

We saw this polarization in the past couple weeks with Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, accusation, hearing and swearing in. If you have kept up with the news at all, you have an opinion on this subject. From what I’ve seen, everyone either assumes Kavanaugh is an awful abuser or defends him with their heart and soul.

I’m not here to say whether he is one or the other, but the hatred from both sides toward each other is immense. We need to take the time to be civil and hear, with respect, the other side of the story. Granted, it doesn’t mean they are right, but it can help you form a better, more rounded opinion.

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