Spring semester is rolling around soon and student volunteers for Get Connected have been preparing to provide the incoming freshman with a boost to start the new journey.

Get Connected is a two-day event for incoming freshman students at BYU-I to help them become familiar with the campus, meet new people and understand the Spirit of Ricks.

The event also provides the opportunity for students and parents to ask more questions about BYU-I, have students socialize and get ready for the semester to start.

Samantha Carey, New Student Mentor Coordinator and a junior studying recreation management, has been volunteering with Get Connected for two and a half years.

“Get Connected is like the new student orientation but way better,” Carey said. “It’s the way we kick-off school for the freshman and show them everything the school has to offer.”

Get Connected for the Spring semester will be smaller, but Carey said this will help the students get closer with more people in this smaller setting.

Carey and her team have been preparing for Get Connected since the end of the Fall semester and have been working hard throughout the semester to have enough volunteers, fun events and prepare the freshman with important information.

“It’s a lot of preparation but it’s very rewarding,” Carey said.

Lauren Jensen, a freshman studying education said, she thinks Get Connected is needed for a lot of freshmen.

“It really helps them be able to just get familiar with campus and when you go through campus you see familiar faces and you are not so alone in this big old campus,” Jensen said.

Carey said Mentors are also an important part of Get Connected. This Spring, there will be 70 mentors that will be working with students during Get Connected and throughout the semester.

“We found that with mentoring, it is one of the key factors that keeps people here; it increases the retention rate of the school,” Carey said.

Christena Parker, a volunteer for Get Connected and a freshman studying sociology, said Get Connected helps students get established in Rexburg.

“It’s really hard coming somewhere completely foreign and not knowing anyone up here,” Parker said.

Parker and Carey said Get Connected is a good way to make new friends and the best thing a student can do is be open and enjoy themselves.

“You meet so many new people and it’s just a family,” Carey said.