The Supply Chain Management Society’s main purpose is to help prepare students for their careers in supply chain by preparing them for real life experiences according to the society’s Instagram page.

“Supply chain management is anything from raw inventory to the final product,” said Aaron Jensen, a junior studying business management. “It’s all about creating the product and getting it into the customer’s hands.”

BYU-Idaho’s Supply Chain Management Society does that and more. It boasts accomplishments such as taking first place in a supply chain competition at Weber State University in 2017.

“(Supply Chain Management) gives (students) real-life experience,” Jensen said. “It provides them with really great connections with networking and helps them go above and beyond to fulfill leadership responsibilities.”

In addition, recruiters from big companies such as Apple, doTerra and Amazon have visited the society in the past. Companies such as Wal-Mart have come to meetings with resume and interview workshops to help prepare students more for their careers.

“(Having companies come in) is a great way to get exposure and get a foot in the door,” said Noah Gerber-Kai, president of the Supply Chain Management Society and a freshman studying business management. “I’ve known several that have gotten straight hired to Wal-Mart because they were in the society.”

Students also go on an expedition each semester to visit BYU-I alumni and tour their workplaces.

The Supply Chain Management Society has also been a great resource and help to those who have attended the society in the past, helping some of those decide on future careers.

“It has helped give me direction on what I like and don’t like and it’s helped me to find what I want do for a career and provide me with a strong connection out in the real world and potentially get jobs after graduation,” Jensen said.

A large network of both alumni and upcoming students in the society continues to grow the reputation of BYU-Idaho and make those students better competitors in the job market.

“It (the society) shows that we produce students that work harder and helps give companies a better view of BYU-Idaho,” Gerber-Kai said. “Companies are starting to realize that a lot of talent comes out of BYU-Idaho.”

Students interested in joining can go to room 220 in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building every Thursday at 2 p.m. for weekly meetings.

“If you’re looking for networking opportunities, come to Supply Chain,” Gerber-Kai said. “There’s a lot of hard skills one needs to learn and Supply Chain covers that.”

For more information, visit the society’s Facebook page at BYU-Idaho Supply Chain Management Competition Society and Instagram page under the same name. In addition, their LinkedIn page can be found on the Facebook page as well.