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The new Light The World Christmas initiative by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been released for 2018. This year’s initiative is focused on giving as Christ gave.

According to the website, the initiative will officially begin on Dec. 1. The video to promote the initiative can be found on the website of the Church.

“Join thousands all over the world on Dec. 1 to seek out and serve those in need. A simple act can spread the light of Jesus Christ this Christmas season,” according to

Dec. 1 is a day of worldwide service where everyone is encouraged to find opportunities around them to do simple acts of service.

Each week a different theme is chosen. The first week is the theme of the initiative Light the World, following with Light Your Community, then Light Your Family and finally Light Your Faith. Throughout each week, a service opportunity is set every day on the Light the World calendar created by the Church of Jesus Christ.

The website includes a counter to total up the number of people wanting to join in on the Light The World activities this coming holiday season.

The initiative videos of 2017 had been viewed more than 8.8 million times by more than 3.7 million visitors and have been shared to social media platforms hundreds of thousands of times, according to the Church.

This initiative video can be shared on social media as well. Participants use the hashtag #LightTheWorld to share what they have done for the Light The World initiative and help inspire others to join.

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