With cherry red paint and bold white letters, the Giving Machine stands out from other vending machines.

Vending machines are typically used to satiate one’s desire for a snack or drink. Instead of buying for oneself, the Giving Machine enables individuals, families and communities to buy products and give to those in need.

Displayed on small, cardboard placards inside the Giving Machine are goats, toys, water, meals, sanitary products and other humanitarian goods that anyone can purchase. The proceedings go directly to charities who distribute the purchased goods to the impoverished or communities facing barriers.

The first Giving Machine became available to the public in December 2017. Six years later, numerous other Giving Machines dotted the earth. Currently, there are 61 Giving Machines, bringing in millions of dollars in charitable donations.

For the first time, Rachael Faulstick, an online BYU-Idaho student, went to the Giving Machine in Carmel, Indiana.

“It was very cool to see! They had pictures that would tell you what everything was,” Faulstick exclaimed.

The Giving Machine aims to exemplify the ultimate meaning of Christmas and inspires many to focus on giving rather than receiving.

“It reiterated how important it was to help other people who can’t help themselves,” Faulstick said.

Here is a list of when and where all the Giving Machines can be located.