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For 20 years, art and literature students have been writing for the school’s literary journal Outlet to tell stories and share art.

According to Outlet’s webpage, “Our aim is to encourage creative and independent thought among the students of Ricks College through providing a forum for student expression-an Outlet.”

Jack Harrell, an English faculty member, has been a part of Outlet since 2000.

“I love the fact that students have an opportunity to get something published and to know that if they get in Outlet that means they are 25 out of 250 submissions,” Harrell said. “It’s a big deal to be published in your undergraduate literary journal. The art, the colors, the writing; I think it’s a really good product.”

Besides the editor’s note in the beginning, the whole journal is a showcase of student writing and art.

Harrell says it’s an important experience for students to come together on a literary journal. “It’s helpful for students to see just how hard all of this is,” Harrell said. “The process of selection, graphics and publication, really a lot goes into these.”

Jack Harrell, English Department faculty, holds a copy of Outlet from his personal collection.

Outlet has been through different iterations since the beginning. In the beginning, they were almost completely literature. Outlet took on a lot more artwork when art faculty member Shawn Randall brought in graphic design and a new layout.

Students work on the layout throughout the semester for a final product they can hold in their hands and flip through. Outlet has evolved to be equal part arts and literature. The Outlet webpage invites students to “Share your illustrations, paintings, graphic designs, or photography.”

The first printed copy of Outlet compiled by students (with student artwork on the cover).

The space to create on a broad and somewhat competitive work is preserved by the university and faculty. Harrell invites students to submit their personal work.

“The worst thing that could happen is you get a rejection email,” Harrell said. “The best thing that could happen is you could win first place or second or third in poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Please submit your work.”

For decades Outlet has been a place for students to share their work. Current faculty in the English Department submitted work to Outlet when they were students. The legacy of Outlet continues today as one of its early contributors, Stephen George, predicted it to be: “A publication the entire campus can be proud of.”

Two hundred submissions are made every semester before being narrowed down to 25 for the journal. All submissions are due at the end of the winter semester. Students can submit up to five times a semester. All submissions must be typed, double-spaced and handed in at William F. Rigby room 180 with a submission form that can be found here.

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