General Authority Seventy, Elder Carlos A. Godoy, and his wife, Sister Mônica Godoy, spoke to the young adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday in a worldwide devotional.

In a team teaching effort, Elder and Sister Godoy took the stand together and spoke on seven topics: Loneliness, dating, spirituality, service, missions, marriage and hope in the future.


Having experienced the dragging weight of loneliness themselves, Elder and Sister Godoy addressed this ever-growing pandemic that young adults face today.

“It is not easy to feel we are invisible or don’t have much value,” Sister Godoy said. “For those in a similar situation, please don’t let this feeling overwhelm you. You are not alone. The Savior has always been there for you. He knows you, He knows what is going on in your life, He loves you and He is at your reach, whenever you need.”

Elder Godoy added that “we are supposed to be those angels,” that Sister Godoy had once been for him. Angels look beyond their own circle of loved ones and bring those who feel alone or forgotten into a place where they truly belong.

“They need your smile, your handshake and your friendship,” Elder Godoy said.


Elder and Sister Godoy clarified two ways young adults can pursue eternal relationships and be secure enough in partner-picking decisions in today’s dating world.

“For some, it will be clear and strong. For others, it will take more time, effort and patience,” Sister Godoy said. “It will become more evident as you keep investing into a relationship. Don’t give up quickly because you didn’t have a strong impression initially.”

On top of this, Elder Godoy added that the process of ‘finding the one’ is similar to receiving revelation. Referencing a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Elder David A. Bednar, he compared the difference between receiving immediate light from an electrical light source, to gradual light from the sun.

Sister Godoy continued with Elder Godoy’s teachings, emphasizing that obtaining spiritual confirmation about eternal companions takes time. But over time, that revelation will unfold gradually through interactions and experiences with others.


Elder Godoy highlighted Church curricula that were crucial to his spiritual journey as a convert. Institute and seminary were the most crucial courses mentioned.

“Because of those daily doses of gospel teachings, I was able to strengthen my testimony and resist temptations throughout my day,” Elder Godoy said. “It helped me to understand that I was a child of God and that He has a plan for me in this life.”

Sister Godoy said that the same results can be found by attending Institute. She invites young adults to take advantage of this ‘great resource’ and promises that not only will young adults find gospel truths but also ‘true friends.’

Another way to increase spirituality mentioned was embracing service opportunities.

“I hope you are actively engaged in service opportunities,” Elder Godoy said. “It could be ministering, family history, temple service or any other Church assignment where you forget about yourself and help others. It will bless you, strengthen you and protect you.”


With Elder and Sister Godoy both being return missionaries, the couple shared how missionary life prepared them for their married lives.

“I returned from those two years more prepared for life,” Elder Godoy said. “Because of our missions, our testimony of the Savior was strengthened, our knowledge of the gospel increased and the communication and leadership skills learned there helped us in our careers.”

Elder Godoy paired this statement by reminding the young adults should refrain from judging those who have different mission experiences or never served one at all. He explained that serving a mission is not a ‘gospel ordinance,’ so no one will be penalized or lose blessings in eternity for not serving.


Elder and Sister Godoy relating their experiences as a young married couple and recently returned missionaries

Elder and Sister Godoy relating their experiences as a young married couple and recently returned missionaries. Photo credit: Church Newsroom & Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Although new marriages can prove quite difficult for young people, Elder and Sister Godoy testified that experiencing trials and figuring out life together made their relationship stronger. Elder Godoy encouraged young adults not to wait until life is perfectly lined up to get married.

“You need the basics, each other and the Lord on your side — everything else can be achieved together, which will strengthen your marriage,” Elder Godoy said. He added that everything else in life can be achieved together.

Elder Godoy promised that if a couple brings the gospel of Jesus Christ into their marriage, life will be much easier and more enjoyable.

The couple also addressed those who will not have the opportunity to marry in this life by quoting a talk given by President Gordon B. Hinckley in 2003.

“Do not spend your life grieving over it,” President Hinckley said. “The world still needs your talents. It needs your contribution. The Church needs your faith. It needs your strong, helping hand. Life is never a failure until we call it such.”

Hope in the future

To conclude the devotional, Elder and Sister Godoy invited all to keep the commandments, have hope for a better future because of it and endure to the end. They promised that God is with those who go every step of the way.

“I know that my Redeemer lives and through His grace and the blessings of His Atonement, we can have hope and joy in this life and an eternal family in the next,” Elder Godoy said.