Idahoans gathered at the Idaho State Capitol on Jan 6. at noon to welcome Brad Little into his second term as governor.

Attendants included representatives from the Idaho House and Senate, former Idaho governors, justices from the Idaho Supreme Court and representatives from the Shoshone and Nez Percé tribes throughout the state.

G. Richard Bevan, a member of the Idaho Supreme Court, administered the oaths of office for seven elected officials.

— Debbie Critchfield, the superintendent of public education.

— Raul Labrador, the attorney general

— Julie Ellsworth, state treasurer

— Brandon Woolf, state controller

— Phil McGrane, secretary of state

— Scott Bedke, lieutenant governor

— Brad Little, governor

Inaugural speeches

Following the oaths of office, First Lady Teresa Little and Governor Brad Little spoke.

The first lady began by reminiscing over Idaho’s highs and lows over the last four years.

“There have been many deaths, some exceedingly tragic in the last four years,” Teresa Little said. “There has been illness, suffering, uncertainty and fear. There has also been joy, many triumphs, great accomplishments, quiet satisfaction and new beginnings.”

She issued a call to action to all government employees before introducing her husband to speak.

“May you legislators, constitutional officers, staff and all who enter our capitol to engage in work to move Idahoans and Idaho forward in peace and prosperity, do so with integrity, empathy and kindness,” Teresa Little said. “Your descendants, our children and grandchildren are watching, listening and learning from you and all of us.”

Governor Little opened his remarks by expressing gratitude for the Idaho National Guard.

“These Idahoans sacrifice their safety and time with their families to serve our state and our nation,” Brad Little said. “America and Idaho are a better place because of the service rendered by the selfless neighbors and friends.”

The governor also showed thanks and humility for the opportunity of a second term, calling it one of the greatest honors of his life.

“They (Idahoans) press forward in the face of challenges and they never lose sight of what’s most important,” Brad Little said. “Opportunity, faith, family and freedom. One of the greatest blessings of being in this job is getting to see the service, the spirit of service play in communities all across Idaho no matter how much things seem to change around us.”

Brad Little promised to lead with integrity, civility and humility as he cuts red tape and strives to improve Idahoan’s quality of life by investing in their futures.

“My goal is to make sure that everyone in Idaho has an opportunity to thrive and that our children and grandchildren will choose to stay and that the ones that left will choose to return,” Brad Little said

The governor committed to upholding Idaho values by continuing to support tax relief and cutting red tape to keep Idaho the No. 1 state for economic momentum.

A complete copy of Governor Little’s second inaugural address (as prepared) can be found here.