On Thursday, the Communication Department held its Senior Showcase.

The event went on all day, with a special guest speaker, Jon Bailey, at 11:30 a.m. and senior booths and food set up in the BYU-Idaho Center from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Friends, family and students at BYU-Idaho came to show their support for the graduating seniors.

Bailey, a successful entrepreneur and leadership trainer, highlighted the Senior Showcase theme, “Choose to shine” in his presentation.

He spoke on several topics that connected back to the theme of the day. He talked about the importance of fresh perspective, constant learning, good mentorship and constant networking.

Bailey shared a few life experiences that taught him the value of service, compassion and growth. He recommended and read the book, The Lesson: A Fable for Our Times by Carol Lynn Pearson.

“In all of the learning, all that we’re doing, it’s really important that we choose to shine, and we choose to do good, that we’re choosing to seek light and truth,” Bailey said.

In his presentation, Bailey shared several principles from Stephen Covey, a famous American businessman and author. He talked about paradigms and perspectives; he talked about learning and accomplishing things; and he talked about results and consequences.

Throughout his speech, Bailey turned the attention of the graduating seniors and audience members to the gospel. He shared many different quotes from prophets and apostles from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In the end, he shared that the most valuable thing he could tell the room was to have a relationship with God.

“There’s a lot of business practices and principles that we could have shared, but none of them will prepare you for everything that’s coming,” Bailey said. “It’s knowing the Savior and being connected to Him; He’s the one that’s going to help you through all the rest of it.”

Around 80 people attended Bailey’s presentation, and over 400 people came to and participated in the Senior Showcase.

The Senior Showcase is held at the end of every semester. It showcases the communication major’s senior projects for COMM 499.