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“I started sewing when I was 4 years old,” said Louisa Hunter, a sophomore studying fine arts with an emphasis in 3-D art. “My mom taught me. I would sit on a bunch of pillows and have a bunch of books under the pedal so that I could reach.”

Hunter graduated from sewing burp cloths and blankets to making her own patterns for dresses. When unsure how to start making her first dress, she taught herself through YouTube tutorials.

After she finished designing and constructing her first dress, “It was exciting to say, ‘Hey, I made this,’ and feel proud of myself and accomplished,” Hunter said.

Hunter said she prefers to keep sewing as a hobby because she likes to keep it fun and low-pressure, but sewing is not the only way she expresses her creativity.

In high school, Hunter and her dad, an art professor, started a mural-painting business. Since then, they have painted over 20 murals in schools and various local locations.

“I love to grow,” Hunter said. “I like to keep learning. After this life, all we take is our knowledge, so I want to get to the best that I can. I just want to be better. And it is just fun; I don’t feel like I have to do it, so I guess it’s therapeutic in a way.”

This semester, Hunter is learning figure sculpting and improving her oil painting. “I’m always excited about the next thing coming up,” Hunter said.

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