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The ballrooms in the Manwaring Center frequently fill with ballroom, ballet and modern dancers. On Tuesday and Saturday nights, one ballroom fills with a different style of dancers, Capoeira performers who plant their hands on the ground and throw their legs into the air in kicks.

The Capoeira workshop meets on Tuesday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in MC Ballroom C.

According to, Capoeira dates back about 500 years when Brazil’s slave trade began.

“The slaves started a type of self-defense,” said Christopher Meza, a senior studying web design and development.

Meza said that the slaves in Brazil would hide their training behind dance and music, so slave owners would not take notice.

Since the abolishment of slavery, Meza said Capoeira has adapted more martial arts.

Modern-day Capoeira still shows its roots. “Performers’ hands will be held together as if they were tied, or on the floor, defenseless,” Meza said.

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