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2.4 miles swimming, 26 miles running, and 112 miles biking. These tasks challenged the strength and willpower of dozens of competitors at this year’s Lazyman Ironman.

The race spanned the entire month of February, allowing participants to fit the miles into their schedule.

Brennen Urrutia, a junior studying public health, set a goal to complete the entire race in one day and be the first participant to finish. Soon after the competition began, Urrutia woke extra early and set out to complete the task. He scheduled out the events he needed to complete on that day and received support from his wife through food and drink as he worked on each stage of the race.

Urrutia nearly met his one-day goal, only missing eight miles of running—which he soon completed. Despite this setback, Urrutia was the first to complete the Ironman.

“I think I met my expectations of pushing myself to the limits,” he said.

For Urrutia, the best part of this experience was sharing it with his family. He said feeling love and support from his family, though they weren’t with him, made the race a special experience.

Erika Squires, a junior studying exercise physiology, completed the race behind Urrutia. She began the competition with a group of friends.

“We all signed up for it as kind of a spur of the moment decision,” Squires said.

Out of the group, only Squires finished the Ironman. She scheduled out her time to finish in one week. Though they didn’t finish, Squires said her friends stuck with her and helped her keep up the pace she needed to meet her goal.

Squires felt prepared for the running portion of the Ironman, but the difficulty of the swimming and biking portions took her by surprise.

“Swimming was harder for me because I don’t swim often,” she said. “I also underestimated how many miles I had to bike.”

She said she was grateful when the race was over. The week of intense exercising took a lot out of her, but she said she enjoyed it overall and hopes to do it again.

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