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From April 2020 to December 2020, renovations in the John W. Hart building and the Hyrum Manwaring Center will take place.

With the renovations the Dance Department will relocate to the Hart building and student advising service offices to the Manwaring Center.

The Hart Building

Terrie Larsen, a University architect who is leading the project, said that although the project is still waiting for approval from the board, the remodel plans include splitting the auxiliary gym into one gym and two dance studios. The studios will be divided by a sky fold door to help the department convert to a larger studio as needed.

“Each space has been looked at and designed with the needs of the dancers in mind and what type of facility will serve them the most,” said Larsen.

Larsen planned Hardwood and Marley floors installations for the benefit of the dancers. Three storage closets near the Hart Main Gym will provide quick access for performances.

Larsen plans to update the studio to avoid the look of a previous sports gym to make it a fun place to dance and learn instead.

The Manwaring Center

The Manwaring Center will undergo changes as well.

The planned renovations will take place in the studios on the second floor.

“The plan is to create a hub of services for the students in the Manwaring Center to help with advising, mentoring, tutoring, internships, etc. as well as activities and alumni so that students will know where to go for guidance,” Larsen said.

Student Thoughts

Emma Hanks, a sophomore studying history, likes the idea to have school advising offices in the MC because they are easier to locate and frequently visit.

Robert Quiroz, a junior studying industrial business psychology,  is most excited to see more places to practice being a dancer as the department expands.

Quiroz and Hanks were unaware of the planned renovations and both expressed excitement for an updated look in the two buildings.

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