Now that winter semester is over, it is time to take advantage of southeastern Idaho’s beauty.

Many students complain they are bored because there is nothing fun to do in Rexburg.

Search no more!

Now that winter is supposedly over (it may come back to visit once or twice), it is time to get out of Rexburg, bask in the sunshine and take advantage of the beautiful Idaho scenery.

Below are 13 bucket list items of outdoor activities within an hour of Rexburg, providing students with experiences of what a spring semester at BYU-Idaho entails.

Whether the bucket list is completed throughout the course of the semester, marking off one per week, or all at once to celebrate the sunshine in the spring semester.

1. Visit Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls is well known for the waterfall’s thunderous roar and evergreen pine trees everywhere in sight. if you have not been there yet, it is a must see. Make sure you pack a can of bug spray to combat bloodthirsty mosquitos.

2. Stargaze at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Prepare to be amazed by the thousands of stars and reminded you are God’s creation. When visiting on a night with a full moon, you can see for miles.

3. Float the Teton River through town

Travel through town in the most relaxing way: floating down the river and waving at passersby, working on that summer tan.

4. Hike at the Palisades

After a four-mile mountain hike, prepare to be greeted by a large lake kissed by sunlight reflecting the immense mountain range and blue skies above.

5. Float Big Springs

Enjoy the sunshine as you float past evergreen pine trees casting a reflection on the clear water all around you.

6. Hike or mountain bike Kelly Canyon

Adventure awaits. Just pick your trail and off you go.

7. Hike Table Rock

Don’t forget your sunscreen; although this hike can be one of the most beautiful hikes around, it takes about a full day to complete.

8. Mountain bike the Big Hole Mountains

Enjoy the lush scenery flash before your eyes as you speed past, pumping your pedals.

9. Art walk in Pocatello

As the end of the month approaches head on over to Pocatello and take a relaxing stroll in the midst of art and flea markets.

10. Bike or walk the Idaho Falls River Walk

Whether it is a day out with friends or a romantic getaway, you will not want to miss this scenic walk, not to mention the little shops and restaurants along the way.

11. Fish at Henry’s Fork, Beaver Dick or Teton River

A more laid-back activity? Sure. But who does not enjoy the thrill of catching a fish — especially if it is your first?

12. Rexburg Bike Park

A little closer to home, right next to Rexburg Rapids, you can enjoy the fresh breeze and compete with friends on who can catch the most air.

13. Go camping

At the end of the day, who does not enjoy a nice s’more with the sounds and smells of nature all around you? Take your pick from 41 campsites within 50 miles of Rexburg at

BONUS: Visit Yellowstone National Park

A little over an hour away, yes, but an absolute must-see. Why pass up the opportunity to see one of the nation’s best national parks when it is so close to Rexburg? Before heading home after finals, make a pit stop in Yellowstone and bask in its breathtaking beauty.