This week’s editorial attempted to convince readers that Hillary Clinton is a viable option for president of the United States.

The main premise of the argument being that she received the endorsement of Barack Obama. It even falsely claimed that 91-year-old former president, George H. W. Bush, went “on record” to say he will be voting for Clinton come November.

It may be true that those are the former president’s intentions, however, that disclosure was made during a private conversation with former Maryland lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, according to CNN.

Bush has never publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, as the editorial attempted to infer.

It is our opinion his decision to potentially vote for the former secretary of state is more a commentary on the fallen state of the Republican Party rather than a display of confidence in Clinton’s ability to lead the country.

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton comes as no surprise, as presidents have endorsed their possible successors from their own political parties throughout our nation’s history.

It is by no means a reflection of Clinton’s abilities. It is simply a Democrat toeing party lines.

In an attempt to persuade readers with past public opinion of Clinton, the editorial cited a 2013 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that claimed 69 percent of Americans approved of Clinton.

Since running for president, Clinton’s approval rating has fallen to a mere 41 percent, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll.

A scant 36 percent of Democrat/Democrat-leaning voters approve of the current presidential candidates, according to The Pew Research Center.

The editorial claims the public’s criticism of Clinton’s involvement in near unending scandals and controversies is undeserved. What a wholly ridiculous claim.

We have the right to hold any and all presidential candidates to the highest of standards.

We have the right to criticize her for her failures as secretary of state, for her unforgivable lack of respect for national security, and for her indifference towards the deaths of our military service members.

Hillary Clinton deserves every ounce of scrutiny she has faced and will continue to face throughout this election season.

She is, perhaps, one of the worst presidential candidates this nation has ever seen.

That being said, she deserves consideration, as does every presidential candidate regardless of party affiliation or endorsements.

A vote given with thought and honest analysis is never thrown away, no matter who the vote is for.

Voting for a candidate based on arbitrary endorsements is absurd, irresponsible and ultimately damaging   to the country.