If signed into law by President Trump, a new bill would allow states to redirect funds from Planned Parenthood to other healthcare providers, according to christiannewswire.com.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted Feb. 16 to overturn a rule that prevents individual states from federally defunding Planned Parenthood. Once passed, states would be able to redirect funds to health care providers which do not provide abortions, according to christiannewswire.com.

“Participating in the destruction of human life is not only a violation of my religious convictions, it conflicts with my calling as a medical professional to protect life, not end it,” said Fe Vinoya, a nurse at a forum hosted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in July 2016.

The forum was held to discuss possible discrimination health care professionals face if they refuse to perform abortions, according to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan’s press office.

“It is common sense that we shouldn’t force taxpayers to assist in the harvesting of human organs or pay for the purposeful termination of a potential life,” said Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford in a commentary on the Daily Signal.

The American Medical Association recognized in 1973 that medical professionals should not be legally forced to act against their morals, according to Casey Mattox, Senior Counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom, at the forum.

“In Roe (v. Wade) itself, the Supreme Court acknowledged the importance of protecting conscience even as it created an abortion right,” Mattox said at the forum.