How a love for horticulture grew in Chesley Wartena

Chelsey Wartena works on various assignments while waiting for class to start. Photo credit: Clarissa Pankratz

All it took was a single floral arrangement class to convince Chelsey Wartena to switch her major from dental hygiene to horticulture.

“I took a floral arrangement class for fun, and then I got to know all the options that were out there,” Wartena said. “I went towards design and then management; so I bumped around after that. But it was just, I took a fun class and then I switched my major.”

This is Wartena’s senior year, and she is very excited to graduate. However, she isn’t 100 percent certain of what she plans to do after graduation.

“I’m probably going to go and do work for a landscape management company and hopefully become an account manager there,” Wartena said. “I also might start a business with my sisters for event planning.”

Wartena encourages incoming students to keep their minds open to multiple possibilities while attending college.

“Keep your mind open to other job options and take the time to find what you really like to do and what makes you happy,” Wartena said. “Now I know that looking back, if I had continued in dental hygiene I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Yeah, I could have made a lot more money, but I really enjoy what I am doing now. Plus I feel like I can help affect people more this way.”