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A study by the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion released said people who have faith, or a relationship with God, have better sleeping habits.

“Researchers found that those who believe in salvation and feel they have an unshakable relationship with God tend to sleep longer, fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning, according to Terrence D. Hill, associate professor at the University of Arizona School of Sociology,” said an article by Religion News Source.

In an article titled “Faith Could Be the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep” by Elisa Meyer, Reed T. Deangelis said people who have a relationship with God are sure that they will go to heaven after they die.

The article said it’s hard for the the highly stressed to sleep, but religion and faith can help people deal with stress, therefore it can help them sleep better.

Deangelis said he wasn’t surprised by the results of the study, because the people that believe in God believe that he will help them through their trials, leading to less stress, which leads to better sleep.

Other reasons mentioned helping individuals get better sleep were that faith in a higher power reduces sorrow and gives a sense of hope.

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