The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hold its 194th General Conference is this weekend, April 6-7.

The Conference Center in Salt Lake City holds around 21,000 people.

Admission to the conference is free, but one must obtain a ticket through local church leaders. Students and individuals can ask local stake leaders about obtaining tickets, and most leaders are given tickets to distribute.

Stake leaders can also submit a request for additional tickets.

Standby seating is normally available at the Temple Square north gate in Salt Lake City. No standby seating is available this year due to renovation efforts on the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square.

Those with tickets should arrive early to secure parking spots and seats. Only certain items are allowed in the Conference Center. The only items allowed are clear plastic water bottles, umbrellas and handbags. The conference experience can run smoothly knowing this ahead of time.

Savannah Brownell, a student at BYU-Idaho, shared why attending General Conference in-person was a special experience.

“I love being in the congregation and reacting to what the apostles said,” Brownell said. “I also loved hearing the choir in person.”

The Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo credit: Flikr

As Conference approaches, those interested may also watch remotely using resources such as the Church’s website, YouTube page or BYUtv. BYUtv is a free application available to the public.

To learn more about session times, click here.