How to Become Legendary


The Academic Discovery Center is holding an event called the Become Legendary Challenge in which Students must complete 4 required tasks set to help them reach their future goals and even win a prize

Marketing and Events coordinator for the Academic Discovery Center, Will Gierke, tells us more.

“ The Become Legendary   Challenge is something that the Academic Discovery Center put together to try to help students to become legendary, but to really prepare for their futures after school is done.”

Career Service specialist Josie Coleman tells us exactly what those tasks are and what you can win on completion.

“ The Become Legendary   Challenge is a challenge from the career services department, career services and employee relations department, and what this entails is a student gets a resume review, a practice interview, a workshop, and a mentor. And they can get a hole punch for every time they complete it and then they are able to receive a free tee shirt. “

Students definitely have the opportunity to gain more than just a T-shirt. Josie also said that this challenge “enables students to become professionally developed and helps them in their overall work experience.”

To get started on completing this challenge for yourself and to get more information stop by the Academic Discovery Center in MC 129.

Reporting from the MC, I’m Zarina Leiva for Scroll TV News