Being a student at BYU-Idaho is an awesome experience overall. The people are friendly, campus is gorgeous and our professors are pretty much the best.

But it is so cold. I’m from South Carolina and the transition from sunny and 75 degrees to windy and 30 degrees is a true struggle. So I’ve compiled a list from my fellow BYU-I attendees of the seven best places to warm up on campus.

1. The Greenhouse– Located in the Ezra Taft Benson Building, the Greenhouse is an awesome place to get away from warmup from low temperatures and wind. While you are there, you can even buy some succulents, cacti and flowers to remind you of warmer days to come. If you are at the bottom of campus and worried about the journey to the Benson, fear not. You can cut through the the David O. McKay Library, the Manwaring Center and the John Taylor Building on the way.

Frankie Canseco | Scroll Photography

2. The Sky Bridge Connecting the MC and the McKay Library– Comprised of an abundant amount of windows, the sky bridge is a saving grace on extremely windy, but deceivingly sunny days. Warm up and enjoy the view. When the snow comes, you might get to watch all the techniques people use to keep from slipping.

3. The John L. Clarke Building– This location was submitted by my coworker, Emily. We work in the Jacob Spori Building, aka the coldest building on campus. She told me that the Clarke Building is a “sauna.” While I have yet to experience this phenomena in the Clarke Building, it is very close to the Spori Building, so I will be testing this.

4. The Forest Section in the Benson Building– The Benson Building is the agriculture and life sciences building. When I think of agriculture, I imagine warm, sunny places, making it fitting that the Benson Building grabs another place on this list.

5. The Hart Main Gym– The Hart Main Gym is almost at the heart of campus, so you will not have to do much outdoor traveling to reach this destination. Besides that, all I can really say is it’s warm and you may even find someone that wants to conquer the cold with you if you hang around long enough. Go Vikings!

6. The Thomas E. Ricks Building– The thing with the Ricks Building is its location sits on the outskirts of campus, so if you are walking up that way, you will probably get toasty just from the hike. Once you reach the destination though, you can bet you will be enjoying the warm spirit of the Ricks heating units.

7. The Science and Technology Center– This is another location that sits on the outer bounds of campus. The STC sits up and across the street from the Benson Building. If you are making the hike up, be sure to wear layers you can peel off once you reach this destination. The great thing about the STC is that much like the sky bridge, there are plenty of windows to allow sunlight in. A friend on Facebook and student at BYU-I, posted “The STC is literally always too hot. Always.”

Hopefully this helps in your quest to keep toasty as the weather gets colder. Keep warm, my friends.