Every semester, students have the chance to perform in I-Cover, one of the biggest concerts of the semester showcasing bands covering popular songs, according to BYU-Idaho’s I-Cover webpage.

Mauricio Kiyama, a senior studying engineering, said this semester was no different and also helped him achieve one of his life-long goals.

Kiyama said he has always wanted to be in a boy band since he was a child, and I-Cover gave him the chance to fulfill that dream.

“Throughout my whole life, I tried to gather people that shared that same desire as me, but no one ever did,” Kiyama said. “Now, I was finally able to bring my friends and just do this for the show.”

Kiyama and his boy band were able to reach their potential when they performed their rendition of “Steal My Girl” by One Direction. The crowd went crazy, especially the girls.

Not only did Kiyama and his band have success in fulfilling their dreams, but Ulumasui Pe’a, a junior studying music education, and his band said I-Cover gave them an experience that cannot be replaced.

“This experience – there is nothing like it,” Pe’a said.

Pe’a said he loves being on stage and putting out music for everyone to hear and enjoy.

“Last year we auditioned and made it, and we loved it so much we wanted to do it again,” Pe’a said.

Pe’a said since he and his band had more of an idea of what to expect this semester, they knew how to put on an even better show.

I-Cover only takes place in fall and winter semesters, but it is not to be missed, according to the BYU-I I-Cover webpage. The show also includes a light show while the performers sing.