I-Serve Week is an event that will be held on campus from March 4-8 to encourage students to serve others daily.

During the week, there will be free food handed out at the McKay Quad Amphitheater every day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with stop-by service events at the same time.

Each night will have a different service activity for students, staff and community members to participate in.

Here’s a quick rundown of the week’s activities:

Monday, there will be a service home evening.

Tuesday will feature a ‘Thank You’ walk during which attendees will deliver thank-you cards to over a thousand faculty members on campus including an I-Serve Social that night to inform everyone about the week’s events.

Wednesday, an all-day blood drive will occur including the Special Needs —Hands event.

Thursday, a Special Needs — Life Skills event will be held for all students.

Friday will be the big wrap-up devotional will feature special guest speakers, along with a presentation of the stats from the week.

Schedule for the activities of I-Serve Week

Schedule for the activities of I-Serve Week. Photo credit: Vivian Winward, BYUI Promotions Team

Rachel Weiss, the director of I-Serve, encourages students to get involved either through I-Serve Week or through regular I-Serve activities.

“It’s being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself and joining I-Serve has been really, really meaningful to me because people who serve other people are cool people,” Weiss said.

Weiss started with I-Serve in her first semester by getting involved as the manager of the service home evening special needs event. At the time, the coordinator told Weiss to use the passion she gained from her service mission and encouraged growth.

“I found on my mission that service changed my heart more than anything else,” Weiss said.

Rachel Weiss, Director of I-Serve poses for a photo.

Rachel Weiss, director of I-Serve, poses for a photo. Photo credit: Collin Prisbrey

I-Serve has regular events on and off campus that occur daily.

Events can be found on the I-Belong app and emails will be sent to those who have joined the group.

Registering can help coordinators get an estimated number of attendees, but all events are free and walk-ins are encouraged. At some events, raffles are held to win prizes and punch cards that can be redeemed for a free long-sleeve crew neck after 10 events.

A flyer given out with information of everything going on during I-Serve Week

A flyer given out with information of everything going on during I-Serve Week Photo credit: Vivian Winward, BYUI Promotions Team

More information about I-Serve’s events can be found here or on their Instagram.