Public speaking students were provided with a platform to exhibit their skills and knowledge gained from the semester by delivering presentations on subjects they personally selected.

This opportunity, known as I-Talk, took place at 7 p.m. in the Hyrum Manwaring Center Little Theatre on July 6. It empowered students to dive deeper into topics they’re passionate about. Students used skills of public speaking and presentation which they learned during the time spent in the class.

By choosing their own subjects, students were able to explore areas that resonate with their interests, expertises or career aspirations, enabling them to deliver presentations with authenticity and enthusiasm. 

The first speaker, Julia Moore, gave her presentation on home births and the importance of knowing all the options.

“My sister inspired me to learn more about this topic, and once I started, I kept exploring,” Moore said. “I’ve learned so much.” 

Through this showcase of presentations, students not only demonstrated their abilities to effectively communicate and engage the audience, but they also developed valuable research, critical thinking, and presentation skills that are transferrable to various professional contexts.

Those who presented in this semester’s I-Talk included the following:

— Julia Moore

— Mitchell Murphy

— Juli Casper

— Kylee Henrie

— Pierce Lewis

Ultimately, the I-Talk event’s approach to learning empowered students to gain confidence in articulation, develop well-rounded communication skills and acquire the necessary abilities for success in their future professional pursuits.