The Rock Gym in Rexburg is an opportunity to meet new people while working out.

Kira and Tyler Martin are the owners of the Rock Gym. Both are avid CrossFit fans but love the climbing culture as well.

Before opening the Rock Gym, Kira and Tyler Martin were involved in multiple businesses. The gym has been expanding since it opened.

It includes a full bouldering section, a top rope, a lead wall and a CrossFit area. The gym also offers classes for both climbing and CrossFit.

“I have seen people put baby harnesses on three-year-olds and rope ‘em up,” said Jaren Heidenreich, an employee at the Rock Gym. “There are certain climbs, particularly just our nets and stuff, where they just need to grab, they start very, very young. In regard to bouldering and such I think the youngest we’ve seen is 5-year-olds.”

Victoria Skalec bouldering

Victoria Skalec bouldering. Photo credit: Bryson Bigler

People of all ages can find routes to climb. The routes are graded on their difficulty.

The easiest route on the wall is a 5.6, while the hardest is a 5.12. The bouldering routes increase similarly with WB and W1 being the easiest and W10 the hardest.

The Top Rope Section at the Rock Gym

The Top Rope Section at the Rock Gym. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

The Rock Gym has many regular climbers including Levi Probasco, who has been coming to the gym for a few months.

“I think it’s just a super fun way to workout and the community is super, super nice,” Probasco said. “Everyone is so supportive. It’s really easy to make friends because everyone is always talking.”

To make rock climbing more accessible for students, “Student Night” is hosted every Thursday from 8-11 p.m.

Mijken Coglianese has worked at the Rock Gym for two years and enjoys Thursday nights.

“Everybody just comes and climbs and talks and hangs out for those hours and it’s just amazing,” Coglianese said. “It’s so fun because everyone is coming in and hanging out all the time even if they are feeling tired.”

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