Danish Delights is an IBC that offers aebleskivers, puffy pancake balls with fillings in the middle and frosting on top.

The small company sells three different flavor options. In the second week of February, the flavors were Cinnamon Dream, Raspberry Delight and Buttermilk Bliss.

Cinnamon sugar with a frosted top became the favorite among customers on Danish Delight’s opening week.

Danish Delights crew pose with their product.

Danish Delights crew poses with their product. Photo credit: Ty Williams

The company will keep Cinnamon Dream and Raspberry Bliss in the rotation and will bring two new flavors to the table — Red Velvet and Choco-Berry Dream.

Jared Fox, the Danish Delights equipment organizer and chef, described the Choco-Berry Dream on the menu last week.

Aebleskivers are a Danish dessert with a texture similar to pancakes.

Aebleskivers are a Danish dessert with a texture similar to pancakes. Photo credit: Ty Williams

“We got Strawberry Nutella now and that one is selling out. Because it’s chocolate strawberry; people love that,” Fox said. “We got the strawberry icing on top of that. It’s just too good!”

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Danish delights menu with prices.

Danish delights menu with prices. Photo credit: Ty Williams

“We really wanted to give the people a good price, a fair price,” said Riley Bradford, the Danish Delights flavorist.

Visit their website to stay informed about the new flavors of Danish Delight.