Essence and Earth focuses on creating clean ingredient candles, wax melts and soaps for consumers.

Their company’s booth is found in the amphitheater located on campus. They are open from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Tuesdays, their hours are 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Earth and Essence offers five scented products: Lavender Lullaby, Vanilla Valley, Summer Strudel, Smoldering Sandalwood and Eucalyptus Escape.

Their prices range from $4.99 for wax melts, $7.50 for soaps and $8.50 for candles. Bundles are available for $14.99 and include a wax melter, two individual melts and two tea lights.

Essence & Earth's booth in amphitheatre.

Essence & Earth's booth in amphitheatre. Photo credit: Anna Clifford

The company of 15 students works upwards of 20 hours a week. Students alternate each day taking orders at the booth.

“We focus on creating your house into a home,” said Ashton Brady, a senior studying business management. “We want to do that by having candles that remind you of your home or different memories.”

According to their website, Essence and Earth’s team hand-makes each product with high-quality materials and practices.

The team opted for candles with a soy wax base, known for its clean burning and non-toxic properties. Their business also focuses on the importance of natural products, ensuring they are paraffin-free.

Their soaps, formulated without phthalates, are created with coconut oil and homemade castile soap.

Three new scents, named The Man, The Myth and The Legend debuted on Father’s Day.

Sign alongside Essence & Eath's booth.

Sign alongside Essence & Eath's booth. Photo credit: Anna Clifford

“We decided a big part of the decision process was what we wanted to get out of IBC,” said Emily Johnson, a junior studying international studies. “That’s what we thought about and how we chose our products.”

Their Instagram page updates with any important information regarding changes in hours or discounted products.