Gelly Jar is among the IBC companies selling products on BYU-Idaho campus for the spring semester.

Located at the quad between the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center and the BYU-Idaho Center, Gelly Jar makes candles out of jelly instead of wax.

“We actually like jelly candles way better than regular candles because they last two to three times longer,” said Gelly Jar CMO Bryan Fuller, a senior studying business management. “We make sure to use the least amount of harmful substances.”

Gelly Jar currently sells four types of candles. Quack and Relax is scented like vanilla orchid with miniature plastic ducks inside. Lemon Delight is lemon scented. Beach Bliss comes in beach wood and vanilla orchid scent. The new candle, Strawberry Jam, is strawberry scented. All the candles sell for $10.99.

“We wanted to make something better available for students at an affordable price,” Fuller said. “Some of these candles online are about $35 and we’re selling them for $10.99.”

Gelly Jar employyes make the Strawberry Jam candles.

Gelly Jar employes make the Strawberry Jam candles. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

Gelly Jar crafts their candles at their booth while they sell. They also use a variety of marketing strategies to advertise and sell their product.

“Say a new person comes up to our booth, we’ll ask them ‘Hey do you want to touch a candle?’” Fuller said. “Right now we’re doing special events, like if you’d like to you could win a free candle by guessing how many shells are in this jar.”

Gelly Jar uses a variety of methods, such as a duck costume, to attract customers.

Gelly Jar uses a variety of methods, such as a duck costume, to attract customers. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

According to Fuller, they have more events planned to sell their candles.

“We’re doing some special events here soon, free lemonade day, 10% off day, just different marketing strategies,” Fuller said.

Gelly Jar is located between the Manwaring Center and the BYU-Idaho Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, visit their website and Instagram.