Sole Expression is an IBC business that makes designs for socks to provide a way for people to express their personality and creativity in their everyday lives.

“We want to elevate your expression and just kind of bring the canvas together through personality and creativity and kind of how they just do normal things every day,” said Jolie Cicon, customer service representative for Sole Expressions.

You can find the company booth in Hyrum Manwaring Center by the Career Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The company has conducted surveys, set up booths and listened to criticism to improve their business.

Sock printing process.

Sock printing process. Photo credit: Ty Williams

“And we have a designated designer to help them kind of mock up what they wanted to look like, specifically to ensure that there’s no waste on our part,” said Cicon.

Customers also have an opportunity to spin the wheel to have a chance to win a small discount.

Pre-made images for socks are $11.

Socks cost $13 if the order is custom designed. Customers can also purchase two pairs of socks for $20.

Sole Expressions was created and is run by students.

Sole Expressions is created and run by students. Photo credit: Ty Williams

The printing process consists of using a press, sock jigs, paper and heat on both sides for 35 seconds.

Finally, when the socks are finished, a text is sent to the customer.

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