Halo Ring Co. brings meaning to metal by creating custom jewelry for customers.

They have a selection of three products to choose from and their prices range from $20 for custom rings, $12 for spoon rings and $15 for a twisted two-wire ring.

Halo Ring Co.’s booth is in the McKay Quad Amphitheater on campus. They are open from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Tuesdays, their hours are 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Location changes due to bad weather are always posted on their Instagram page.

Halo Ring Co. uses trusted sterling silver to focus on the importance of durable and reliable jewelry. Pre-orders for gold rings are now available as well.

Halo Ring Co. product selection.

Halo Ring Co.'s product selection. Photo credit: Anna Clifford

“I love our spoon rings because people can bring their own,” said Cambrie Lowry, a senior studying marketing. “A girl served her mission in Peru and brought us a spoon from there to make into a ring. It’s just fun to create these things that really mean something to someone.”

Lowry noted that students can bring anything they want, such as their grandma’s spoon or one from the thrift store.

Custom engraved rings can include up to 22 characters. This can be done on the inside or outside of the ring.

Customers can watch the ring-making process at the booth where ring sizing is also available.

Student Corbin Stafford making a ring.

Corbin Stafford making a ring. Photo credit: Anna Clifford

According to their website, Halo Ring Co. is dedicated to empowering personal connection by immortalizing precious memories into precious metal.

“Our whole idea was to put meaning to metal,” said Aria Booher, a senior studying interdisciplinary studies. “People like rings, not because of what they’re made out of, but because they hold stories. They hold meaning to that person. So, we thought, ‘How can we give people something that has meaning that’s specific to them?’”

Sign located at Halo Ring Co. booth.

Sign located at Halo Ring Co.'s booth. Photo credit: Anna Clifford

One can shop on their website or follow their Instagram page.