The smell of hot fries hangs in the air as the time runs down. The air fryer beeps three times, and the fries are ready for the toppings. Nacho cheese, bacon and onions are only a few of the offered toppings that students can choose from to load their fries with.

Spud Shack is an IBC business located in the Hyrum Student Manwaring Center on the second floor by the ballrooms and serves fries Monday through Friday from 7-10 p.m.

Spud Shack Logo

Spud Shack Logo{{.}} Photo credit: London Thorell

According to their Instagram, their goal is to, “transform the humble potato into a flavor-packed experience.”

The business serves five different loaded fries including Buffalo Chicken Ranch Fries, Nacho Fries, Breakfast Fries, S’mores Fries and Monster Fries.

“You can either get a regular loaded fry, a convoluted fry or, if you can’t decide between the two, you can get our regular size and do half and half. That way you can try two flavors at once,” said London Thorell, a member of the Spud Shack business.

The idea of selling fries was not the first idea the group had. They were planning on selling rice bowls at first but after finding out that another business had the same idea, they chose fries instead. The team came up with a new name and slogan and went for it.

Three members of the Spud Shack. From left to right: Josh Reeves, Charlie England, Charity Tandoh

Three members of the Spud Shack. From left to right: Josh Reeves, Charlie England, Charity Tandoh. Photo credit: London Thorell

“We are all about serving our customers, helping them and making sure that they have a good experience. They will have a good but fun meal,” Thorell said.

Prices for fries start at $6.25 for snack fries (a smaller portion) but can be upgraded to a regular size or a combo meal.

The business offers different discounts and promotions throughout the semester as well as a loyalty card that gives customers their fifth purchase for free.

“We want to have a good relationship with our customers and make sure that they have a good experience,” Thorell said.

To get new updates from the business, check out their Instagram page.