“We’re a homemade bread company … here on campus,” said Savanna Hardin Arfmann, the chief financial officer. “We do homemade sweet bread. So we’ve got pumpkin bread, banana bread, cinnamon bread and we just released a brand new product called chocolate chocolate chip bread.”

Not only does Homeslice sell homemade mini loaves, they also sell $1 hot chocolate. The company also advertises discounts almost every day at its booth. They also hand out samples that allow customers to pick which flavor of bread they want.

“Most of our breads price around $5,” Hardin said. “Our cinnamon bread is $5.99 because it takes a little bit more time to cook. We do some special stuff on swirling it and batter layering for that one.”

Homeslice makes its bread on campus in the John L. Clark Building kitchen. They schedule a time to cook two times a week. Right now their most popular style of bread is pumpkin chocolate chip.

Homeslice styled their mini loaves to be small enough to purchase between classes.

Homeslice's homemade bread.

Homeslice's homemade bread. Photo credit: Olivia Grayson

“We’re trying to get a vending drop-off spot in the works,” Hardin said. “We’re hopefully going to have one in the Rick starting maybe next week.”

Currently, Homeslice is located in the east entrance of the John W. Hart Building. On Tuesdays, it tries to have a location in the BYU-Idaho Center right before Devotional starts. As Homeslices’s location changes, customers can stay up to date on the company’s Instagram.

“We do have an online store, it’s linked to our Instagram,” Hardin said. “We also have some bulk orders you can do so if you’re buying for a smaller family or friends then you can check that out.”

Currently, Homeslice is working on creating a gift basket. This basket will hold 10 different varieties of bread. The pricing of the basket is undetermined.

“Basically, our whole goal is just to help people make connections,” Hardin said. “Our motto was Homeslice … it’s a taste of home.”

Homeslices's menu.

Homeslices's menu. Photo credit: Olivia Grayson

Homeslicise is the first IBC company to produced home-cooked products. The company is comprised of operation, marketing and financial teams. The operations team is in charge of cooking and buying ingredients. The marketing team controls the company’s promotional work and Instagram page. The finance team sets and controls the budget for the company.