Idaho’s Board of Education voted to increase undergraduate tuition at four of Idaho’s public universities in order to combat inflation. 

Starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, tuition will increase by 5% at the University of Idaho, Boise State University and Idaho State University. Lewis-Clark State College’s tuition will increase by 5.6%.

Even though tuition rates have increased by 3% over the last ten years, they’ve decreased since Fall 2020.

“Idaho still has one of the least expensive average resident tuition rates in the entire nation,” said State Board President Dr. Linda Clark. “I commend our institutions for how they have managed their budgets without raising tuition these past few years. Our presidents brought conservative tuition and fee requests to us for consideration. With high inflationary and other increased costs, our board believes the requests were reasonable and warranted.”

Tuition increases will range from $392 to $420 at each university. 

While the above universities have kept their tuition rates steady over multiple years, BYU-Idaho’s tuition slightly increases every fall semester to adjust for inflation.