The Anderson Hicks Group‘s second annual holiday treasure hunt began on Friday with the release of a riddle. This season’s prize contains a $5,000 check, and anyone can participate.

In the land where spuds hold sway
A frozen bounty quietly lay. 
Nestled where the earth wears its russet crown. Hidden in a realm of clue and brown. 
Commence your journey with a roaring chime 
On a street you don't need reason, don't need rhyme
When you're ready, load your Kart
Let the buck map your chart
Remain low in the land of heath 
But stay above where the duck may breathe
Journey straight until it leads to an end
Do this on your own or tell a friend. 
Move with haste, we have 25 days
Before the finder receives their pay.

2023 Anderson Hicks Group Holiday Hunt riddle Photo credit: Anderson Hicks Group

The Anderson Hicks Group 2023 Holiday Hunt spans all of the greater Idaho Falls area. It reaches up to Menan, Idaho, and dives down to Shelley, Idaho.

This treasure hunt should move faster than this year’s summer event, which lasted nearly six weeks. The company has planned on the treasure being found within 25 days, before Christmas.

The Anderson Hicks Group will reveal a clue, through treasure hunt sponsors on Instagram, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until the treasure is found. A complete list of sponsors can be found on the Anderson Hicks Group Instagram and website.

Treasure hunters can find the riddle, map and clues, as they are released, on the Anderson Hicks Group website. Those who are serious about finding the $5,000 this Christmas season, can sign up for clues to be delivered straight to their inbox through the company’s site.

The Anderson Hicks Group shared a list of rules that participants should follow as they search for the $5,000: safety first, keep it public, no shovels needed, respect nature and have fun.

Last year, the holiday hunt treasure was found just a few days before Christmas. It was hidden in Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls.

The Anderson Hicks Group is considered the largest real estate team in Eastern Idaho; they were voted number one in the state of Idaho. The company began its annual treasure hunts, summer and winter, in 2021. They hope the activity will unite the community and create fun family memories.

As always, treasure hunters are encouraged to share their adventures on social media and tag the Anderson Hicks Group.