The Idaho House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring pornography a public health risk on March 2.

Rep. Lance Clow, of District 24 and who introduced the resolution, said it is now waiting for a Senate hearing.

The resolution states the importance of preventing pornography usage and education on its harmful effects on men, women and children.

It states “pornography can negatively impact brain development and functioning, contribute to emotional and medical illness.”

The resolution states that pornography harms the family unit, encouraging infidelity and hindering marriage.

“It encourages the people of Idaho to pay attention to what is going on with their families, their kids and their businesses,” Clow said. “It is reminding all Idaho government, all political sub-divisions in Idaho to think about what their internet practices are, the accessibility of their internet, whether or not the people get access to this obscene material.”

Clow said three legislators voted against the resolution because they felt it was against freedom of speech, focusing on the portion of the resolution that would remove access to pornographic material in government and state facilities.

“This is just encouraging them to be sensitive to what they’re doing,” Clow said. “It doesn’t put a stop to local government. This (the resolution) doesn’t have the force of law so it doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything. Just reminding people that we have a problem.”

Clow said there is a need for education, intervention and policy changes in the community.

“It used to be that if a person wanted to view pornography, they had to seek it out. Nowadays it seems to find you instead,” said Logan Dally, a senior studying health psychology. “It can have the potential to lead to serious problems for that person. I think some judicious regulation would be beneficial to the general public.”

According to, some businesses including McDonald’s and Starbucks are filtering their Wi-Fi preventing users from watching pornography at their establishments.